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The Herald of Chaos and Entropy.

Isamy Maximus is the result of an unintentional fusion between two beings called Isabella and Ameliorer, an immortal Omni, and an interdimensional traveler. She is the adopted daughter of Protheus Maximus, and came into existence after his 'death' to continue his mission of bringing judgement upon reality, which she has interpreted by becoming a hero with the goal of saving as many people as possible from their otherwise-terrible fates. The full circumstances are still ambiguous.

Her activities at the moment are unknown, but she has recently been sighted by several space-time agencies traversing worlds, seemingly with no true purpose in mind. Hence, she has been left alone for now.

Isamy's name comes from a combination between 'Isabel' and 'Amy', although alternatively it could come from the Japanese name 'Isamu', which means 'bravery' or 'courage'.

Design and Overview

Isamy is an 'Omni', like Protheus Maximus, which results in an unnaturally low weight. The magic gifted by the Dark Master can repair any injury and store any memory, which more or less makes her virtually indestructible, and the magic still persists even after the master's death, persisting the lifetime of even immortals and gods.

Isamy during the Oblivion Saga.

Recently, Isamy's appearance has begun to degrade into something different over time, possibly due to tampering with reality. This has made her slightly younger than she actually is, giving her hair a more metallic colour and granting her greater comprehension of the multiverse despite only being a hundred years old. Due to this, she is capable of wielding a scythe, a weapon forged by metal dark matter. Her cloak and stockings are also made of dark matter, acting as armour and making it very hard to attack her in the first place.

Isamy's personality is different each time she appears. At times, she can appear rather childish, and at other times cold and heartless, perhaps even sadistic. According to the Tao King, she once sliced his hand off with a card just as he was about to draw, forcing him to replace his hand with a mechanical one. Perhaps she just hates losing.


Dracolich Monsters

Nothing much is known about this archetype, other than they are all Zombie-Type monsters which are also treated as Dragon-Type monsters. The only card currently known in the archetype is Entropy Dracolich.