Izanami (イザナミ Izanami) is a character in a future ARC-V sequel fanfiction. She is the Dark Synchro Dimensional counterpart of Yuzu Hiragi. She came after Yusa when his desire for a battle led him to Standard.


Izanami has ghostly pale skin, dark red eyes, and silver hair that (like Ruri) is long enough to flow past her rear end. Like her other counterparts, her facial features look identical to Yuzu's, and she has the same two hair sidetails (except longer again, being chest-lenght like Ruri's), hers being charcoal in color. She also wears a bracelet like them, which has six silvery jewels housed along its rim. Being a Dark Synchro Dimension inhabitant, Izanami's eyes have black sclera.

Izanami's outfit is a black tube top with Earthbound Immortal-esque purple markings that shows her cleavage and bares her midriff, a black microskirt, black low-thigh stockings, gray fingerless evening gloves, and gray shoes. Izanami also wears dark blue eye shadow, and has long nails painted purple.


Izanami appears to show traits related to emo culture, often acting melancholic and snarky while sometimes pointing out the negatives. However, she does show pride in her looks, shown by her choice of clothing and her confidence in showing off. This, coupled with often sliding back into the lighter end of the emotional spectrum and not actually being miserable, makes the emo aspect of her personality seem faked. However, there are hints that Izanami does have some true issues behind the positive side of her.


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Like several Dark Synchro Dimensional inhabitants, Izanami possesses a superhuman ability; in her case, she can duplicate herself, allowing her to confuse or swarm opponents. However, she cannot duplicate her bracelet. Playing off the obvious assumption that it would stay with the original, Izanami often passes it to one of the clones to trick whoever she used the ability against.



Yusa and Izanami are friends, but compared to others, theirs is rather vitriolic. Yusa's actions often annoy Izanami, and when she tries to tell him off, Yusa is quick to shoot back a quip without batting an eye. Yusa knows that Izanami isn't as much of a downer or a nag as she sometimes seems, though, and any of his quips are in good spirits. Regardless, when neither are mad, the two get along greatly, if only by messing with each other from time to time, and when Izanami shows signs of an actual issue, Yusa is quick to comfort her.


Izanami uses a "Beemazon" Deck, which focuses on swarming the field with multiple same-named Insect-Type monsters, and using Dark Synchro Monsters to freely manipulate attacks into always backfiring the opponent.

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