JINZO Corp. Jinzo Cold Sleep Chamber
JINZO Corp.5
Creator GMOC
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Continuous Continuous
Remove one "Jinzo - Kid" you control from the game. You must then special summon it at the end of any turn after the turn this card is activated. depending on how long you keep this card in play you can special summon a corresponding monster.

1 Turn - Jinzo - Sniper 2 Turns- Jinzo - Evolution Master 3 Turns- Jinzo - Returner 4 Turns- Jinzo 5 Turns- Jinzo - Lord. Destroy this card at the end of the fifth turn after activation. If this card is removed from the field the selected Jinzo - Kid cannot be special summoned.

Sets Structure Deck:- Jinzo's Wrath
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