History during the Lost Seasons

Island Ticket

Jesse is a duelist from the future,from the Yugioh GX saga,who after noticing a strange abnormally in his time,decides to investigate only to find himself suddenly in the Island of Dragons by way of the Worm Hole Fissure that opens up after Riot Gensutku and Rakum Gensutku are sent through it

After finding out about Grand and the Felgrand Armies,he encounters [Yugi Muto]] and tries to help him in the duels against the Duel Guards and the Felgrand Armies before Yugi is consumed by the Dark Desire.

He uses a deck made of Crystal Beast monsters and wins 2 duels in a row but ends up being defeated by Spead.

Decklist(during Island Ticket)

Uria, Lord of Searing Flames

Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Magna-Slash Dragon(2)

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger(3)

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth(3)

Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise(3)

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus(2)

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle(2)

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat

Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle

Hyper Hammerhead

Crystal Beacon(2)

Rare Value(2)

Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins(2)

Crystal Abundance

Crystal Promise


Crystal Blessing

Crystal Tree

Crystal Raigeki(3)

Ultimate Offering

Fairy Box

Call of the Haunted

Coffin Seller

Gem Flash Energy

Level Limit - Area A

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