Jill Ashford2

Jill Ashford's artwork by Jadenkaiba

Jill Ashford is Yumi's rival. The Current "Duel Queen". The daughter of a millionaire who owns "Ashford Corporation". Her name is a pun of "Jack and Jill" (Jack Atlas and Jill Ashford).

Character Information
Name Jill Ashford
Kanji ジル•アッシュフォード
Age 19
Appears In Yu-Gi-Oh! DQ Manga
Gender Female

Character Design

Jill has appearances similar to her prodesessors, Jack and Carly. Like her hair, is a cross between Jack (spikey hair) and Carly (the overalls). She also wears a white suit similar to Jack Atlas.

Character Biography

(To be confirmed)


Jill also shares the same personality as Jack Atlus, and Tsukiumi from Sekirei Series.


Yumi Fuuko

She is her very rival, and the only one person who defeated her when she was 11 years old. She did not accept it, so she started to get better in Duels and becoming a "Duel Queen" just to surpass her. They made a promise to Duel again in a Professional Duel when Yumi is at her right age.


Opponent Outcome
Yumi Fuuko (10 year-old) Lose
Felicity Rogue TBA

Jill's deck, the "Divinity" monsters, consists of all LIGHT monsters that their speciality is through Special Summoning.

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