This page only covers the fictional history during the Lost Seasons.

The 7 Tournaments

During the 1st Lost Season,Joey enters the 7 Tournaments to win a ticket to travel to the Island of Dragons so he can face the new menace of Grand and his powerful Felgrand Dragon.

He ends up in third place after all tournaments are over until he realizes that Yugi was defeated by Bakura.

He challenges Bakura to a duel to get the ticket and travel to the island the day after the tournament finishes.

Island Ticket

During the 2nd Lost Season Joey is on the outlook for Yugi Muto in the island but never finds him until he defeats every duelist there and shortfly after defeats him.

Unfortunately, Grand uses Joey's anger over the situation as a tool to consume him by way of his Dark Desire losing his purpose in mind so he is easily defeated by a mystery duelist all the while Yugi recovers from the aftershock.

Reverse Hazards

During the 3rd Lost Season,Joey joins the Felgrand Armies after losing a duel to a mystery duelist who works for Grand and becomes a Dark Duelist.

With a new purpose in mind Grand grants Joey with Dark versions of his monsters to defeat everyone that is against him and the Felgrand Armies to conquer the souls of everyone by forcing the Dark Desire in them including of course Yugi.

Battle Bridge

During the 4th Lost Season,Joey is released from the Dark Desire after Yugi defeats him and Grand loses control over him.

However everytime Joey gets furious after being provoked from the shadows by Grand the Dark Desire returns temporarily and it is revealed it is still consuming his mind and his soul. With this wicked power Joey has 2 choices: he can use the power of the Dark versions of his monsters to help Yugi defeat the Ancient Masters or betray him and alter time forever.

Check List

Here is a list of Joey's Deck found in Yugioh TCG Sets 2009-?.This cards are used by Joey Wheeler during Reverse Hazards and Battle Bridge

-Found in Explosion Blaster:

EXBT-EN038 Hunted Dream

EXBT-EN033 Jungle Offering

EXBT-EN037 Negattack

EXBT-EN031 Warrior Battle

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