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John Shuman is one of Rise Sakaki's friends.



John has spiky neck-length black hair with blond edges that is slightly swept to his left, and green eyes. He also has a quite well-built body.

As school uniform, John sports the Paradise Prep School's jacket opened over a black close-fitting sleeveless undershirt, gray pants, and brown shoes. As casual outfirt, he wears the same undershirt with a vest (again kept open) and shorts.

His Duel Disk is colored blue with an indigo blade.


John is a proud Duelist, one of the best one of the Paradise Prep School's Fusion specialists, second only to Rise. Like Chazz Princeton, he's a bit arrogant and smug, and occasionally changes Deck.

John is quite proud of his worked-out figure, and likes to wear open upper clothes over skin-tight undershirts to show off his muscles, mainly to try attract girls, and to mess with the "puny wimp" Rise.



John and his friends.

Rise and John are best buddies, and at the same time rivals, as two of the Paradise Prep School's best Fusion students. As result, they often Duel each other. This is one of the reasons he changes Deck: to find one that can overcome Rise's. Unlike other rivals in the franchise, however, he has no problem admitting he views the other as a good friend.

Another reason for their rivarly is for Cassandra's affections. However, unlike so many similar situations in media, they never let this cause grudges, agreeing that such a thing should be resolved in fights between gentlemen with no hard feelings involved.

John also sometimes likes to rub the fact that he's much more muscular in Rise's face, at with point Rise often replies that it doesn't matter as long as he can wipe the floor with him at Dueling.

Cassandra Roberts

Cassandra is another friend of John, and he is also infatuated with her, like many male students of the Paradise Prep School. This is one of the many reasons John is Rise's rival, as he sees him as "her favourite one" due to their closeness. Because of this, she sometimes has fun putting them against each other, so they end up Dueling even more, though as stated above this doesn't mean they keep resent for one another. However, he also respects her as a Duelist, acknowledging her as something more than simply "a hot chick to get", unlike many of her admirers.

This makes him a foil to Chazz, as he also was in love with Alexis Rhodes, and viewed Jaden Yuki as a rival for her affections.