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|[[Lady of Faith]] (Custom)
|[[Lady of Faith (Custom)|Lady of Faith]] (Custom)
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|Effect Monster

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This article is about The Journey Through the Decade! The "Journey Through the Decade" is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) (This Pack is: Unofficial, Sorry for the misunderstanding).

These are My Custom Made Cards i made last Decade (10 Years) (Since 2009). Some may have been made by konami since then! Some Weree Made By Konami to Spice the Pack up abit.

This Started out being called "3 Egyptian Gods". On 2/14/2020 the Pack name was changed to "The Journey Through the Decade".


You can find Card images of this set here.


The Journey Through the Decade "Custom Set" List

Card Number

Name Rarity Category



Magical Moonlight Unicorn Ultimate Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN002 Dragon Castle - Dark Knight Dragon Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN003 Dragon Castle - White Knight Dragon #2 Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN-004 Dragon Castle - White Knight Dragon Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN005 Garestgolath Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN006 Volcanic Dragon Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN007 Morning Star - Venus Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN008 Noble Kaguya Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN009 The Ties of Friendship Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN-010 Dragonball Z - Frieza Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN011 Dragonball Z - Chiaotzu Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN012 Lava Golem Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN013 Lava Golem Synchron Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN014 Mammon, Lord of Underworld Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN015 The Sacred Palladium - Aknadin Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN016 Akiza Izinski Ultimate Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN017 Crow Hogan Secret Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN018 Dragon Castle - Dark Knight Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN019 Dragon Castle - White Knight Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN020 Dragonball GT - Goku Jr. Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN021 Dragonball GT - Vegeta Jr. Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN022 Dragonball Z - Adult Gohan Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN023 Dragonball Z - Chiaotzu and Tien Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN024 Dragonball Z - Future Gohan Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN025 Dragonball Z - Gohan "Kid" Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN026 Dragonball Z - Gohan "Youth" Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN027 Dragonball Z - Goku Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN028 Dragonball Z - Goten Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN029 Dragonball Z - Krilin Secret Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN030 Dragonball Z - Piccolo Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN031 Dragonball Z - Tien Shinhan Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN032 Dragonball Z - Trunks Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN033 Dragonball Z - Vegeta Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN034 Dragonball Z - Yamcha Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN035 Jack Atlas Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN036 Jaden Yuki Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN037 Joey Wheeler Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN038 Leo Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN039 Luna Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN040 Maximillion Pegasus J. Crawford Secret Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN041 Millennium Shield Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN042 Mokuba Kaiba Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN043 Ryou Bakura Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN044 Serenity Wheeler Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN045 Seto Kaiba Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN046 Solomon Muto Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN047 Yugi Muto Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN048 Yusei Fudo Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN049 Angel Warriors Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN050 Pegasus - Wings of Freedom Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN051 The Millennium Palladium - Shadi Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN052 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix (Custom) Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN053 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode (Custom) Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN054 The Winged Dragon of Ra (Custom) Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN055 Kid Goku - Golden Great Ape Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN056 Two-Headed Jackal Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN057 Blue-Eyes Baby White Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN058 Blue-Eyes Darkness Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN059 Blue-Eyes Supreme King Dragon Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN060 Celestial Lord - Chaos Rainbow Dragon Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN061 Darkness Wyvern Dragon Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN062 Dragon Castle - Dark Knight Dragon #2 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN063 Dragoniter Dragon of Ra Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN064 Obelisk the Dragoniter Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN065 Slifer the Dragoniter Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN066 Arctic Ice Dragon Rare Tuner/Effect Monster
JOTD-EN067 Hourglass of Life (Custom) Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN068 Anubis, the Lord of the Dead Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN069 Frieza - 2nd Form Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN070 Frieza - 3rd Form Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN071 Frieza - 100% Full Power Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN072 Frieza - Emperor of the Universe Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN073 Great Shadow Magus Super Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN074 Mecha Frieza Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN075 Millennium Germ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN076 The Beginning of Anubis Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN077 Crimson Dragon Promo Effect Monster
JOTD-EN078 Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN079 Negative Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN080 Fire Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN081 Ace of Club's Super Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN082 Ace of Diamonds Secret Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN083 Ace of Hearts Secret Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN084 Ace of Spade's Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN085 Dragon Sorceress Secret Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN086 Illusion Magician Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN087 King of Ace's Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN088 Lady of Faith (Custom) Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN089 The Forbidden One - Exodia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN090 The Grand Vizier - Shimon Muran Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN091 The Sacred Palladium - Isis Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN092 The Sacred Palladium - Karim Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN093 The Sacred Palladium - Mahad Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN094 The Sacred Palladium - Seto Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN095 The Sacred Palladium - Shada Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN096 Angel Warrior of Paladins Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN097 Blue-Eyes White Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN098 Celtic Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN099 Gogeta - Super Saiyan 4 Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN100 Gohan"Youth" - Super Saiyan 1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN101 Gohan"Youth" - Super Saiyan 2 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN102 Goku - Super Saiyan 1 Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN103 Goku - Super Saiyan 2 Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN104 Goku - Super Saiyan 3 Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN105 Goku - Super Saiyan 4 Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN106 Goten - Super Saiyan 1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN107 Gotenks - Super Saiyan 1 Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN108 Gotenks - Super Saiyan 3 Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN109 Kid Goku - Super Saiyan 1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN110 Kid Goku - Super Saiyan 2 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN111 Kid Goku - Super Saiyan 3 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN112 Téa Gardner Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN113 Thief King - Bakura Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN114 Trunks - Super Saiyan 1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN115 Vegeta - Super Saiyan 1 Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN116 Vegeta - Super Saiyan 2 Super Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN117 Vegeta - Super Saiyan 3 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN118 Vegeta - Super Saiyan 4 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN119 Duos Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN120 The Pharaoh - Atem Promo Effect Monster
JOTD-EN121 Yami Bakura Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN122 Yami Yugi Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN123 Zelua Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN124 Slifer the Sky Dragon (Custom) Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN125 Black Luster Soldier of Lightness Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
JOTD-EN126 Dragonball GT - Kid Goku Rare Ritual Monster
JOTD-EN127 Tristan Taylor Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
JOTD-EN128 Obelisk the Tormentor (Custom) Gold Tech Effect Monster
JOTD-EN129 The Creator God of Light, Horakhty (Custom) Gold Tech Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN130 Blue-Eyes Doom Dragon Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN131 Duos Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN132 Violet-Eyes Chaos Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN133 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Toon Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN134 Supernova Dragon Super Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN135 Dark Paladin Girl Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN136 Dragon Castle - Dark Dragon Knight Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN137 Dragon Castle - White Dragon Knight Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN138 Dragonball Z - Gogeta Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN139 Dragonball Z - Gotenks Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN140 Dragonball Z - The Z Fighters Gold Tech Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN141 Leo & Luna Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN142 Swordsman Joey Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN143 Pharaonic Divinity - Obelisk the Tormentor Gold Tech Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN144 Pharaonic Divinity - Slifer the Sky Dragon Gold Tech Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN145 Pharaonic Divinity - Winged Dragon of Ra Gold Tech Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN146 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Custom) Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN147 Rimescale, Dragon of the Mountains Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN148 Dark Warlock Super Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN149 3 Ninja Crew - Genin Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN150 Duel Dragon Token (Custom) Super Rare Token
JOTD-EN151 Exodia Token Common Token
JOTD-EN152 Kaiba Token Common Token
JOTD-EN153 Ancient Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare Legendary / Effect Monster
JOTD-EN154 Battle City Ultimate Rare FIeld Spell
JOTD-EN155 Bonding - CO2 Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN156 Brotherhood Kamehameha Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN157 Dark Dragon Transformation Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN158 De-Spell & Trap Removal Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN159 Dragon Fist Gold Tech Normal Spell
JOTD-EN160 Duel Academy Rare FIeld Spell
JOTD-EN161 Duel Mode - Yugi Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN162 Duel Monsters World Ultra Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN163 Elements Commission Gate of Opening Ultra Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN164 Ever Lasting Friendship Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN165 Evil Containment Wave Gold Tech Normal Spell
JOTD-EN166 Existence Destruction Ultimate Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN167 Fake Moon Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN168 Forbidden Ones Broken Seal Ultimate Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN169 Friendship That Never Ends Secret Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN170 Full Power Kamehameha! Ultimate Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN171 Fusion Dance Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN172 Gods Unite Gold Tech Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN173 Hyper Polymerization Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN174 Instant Transmission Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN175 Internal Flaming Sword Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN176 Kaiba Spell 4 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN177 Kaio-Ken Kamehameha! Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN178 Kaio-ken x3 Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN179 Kaio-ken x10 Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN180 Kaio-ken x20 Kamehameha! Parallel Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN181 Kaio-ken x20 Ultimate Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN182 Kaio-Ken Super Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN183 Kamehameha!!!! Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN184 Large Spirit Bomb Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN185 Luster Soldier of Light Ultra Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN186 Millennium Eye Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN187 Millennium Key Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN188 Millennium Necklace Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN189 Millennium Puzzle Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN190 Millennium Scale Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN191 Mind Shuffle Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN192 Monster Reborn Gold Tech Normal Spell
JOTD-EN193 New Battle City Ultra Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN194 Obelisk's Sword of Fate Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN195 Planet Terra Ultimate Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN196 Regeneration Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN197 Saiyans are A Warrior Race! Gold Tech Field Spell
JOTD-EN198 Spirit Bomb Ultra Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN199 Stone Slab of Lost Memories Ultra Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN200 Super Kaio-ken Super Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN201 Super Kamehameha! Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN202 Super Spirit Bomb Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN203 Sword of Darkness Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN204 Sword of Destiny Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN205 Sword of Ice Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN206 Sword of Light Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN207 Sword of Water Super Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN208 Sword of Wind Common Equip Spell
JOTD-EN209 The Living Arrow Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN210 The Pharaoh's Name! Gold Tech Normal Spell
JOTD-EN211 The Saiyan's Connection Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN212 The Saiyan's Fighting Spirit Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN213 The Saiyan's Final Resolve Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN214 The Saiyan's Raging Spirit - Confrontation Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN215 The Saiyan's Sanctuary - Hope Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN216 The Winter Effect Ultimate Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN217 True Kamehameha Ultimate Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN218 Wish of the Blackstar Dragonballs Ultra Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN219 Wish of the Dragonballs Common Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN220 Ascended Super Saiyan Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN221 Full-Power Super Saiyan Gold Tech Equip Spell
JOTD-EN222 Blue-Eyes Attack Chargement Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
JOTD-EN223 Curse of the Pyramid of Light Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
JOTD-EN224 Equal Power Common Normal Trap
JOTD-EN225 Exodia Obliteration Ultra Rare Normal Trap
JOTD-EN226 Family Kamehameha Ultimate Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN227 Father-Son Kamehameha Secret Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN228 Interception Secret Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN229 Power of the Egyptian Gods Ultra Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN230 Power of the Signers Super Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN231 Saiyan's Anger - Super Saiyan Transformation Ultra Rare Normal Trap
JOTD-EN232 Twin Dragon Shot Ultra Rare Counter Trap
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