Name Jude
Age 15 (debut)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Deck Unknown
Appearances Unnamed future Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V fanfiction

Jude (last name unknown) is a character in a future ARC-V fanfiction.  A Synchro Dimension resident from outside the main city, an unknown incident has resulted in his incarceration at the Facility.


Jude is thin and pale-skinned with lifeless green eyes, and his head has been completely shaved bald, leaving his hair color unknown.  Jude wears ragged clothing: A yellow shirt with multiple stains, a brown jacket, dark green pants with patched holes, and gray socks.  After eventually leaving the Facility, Jude is given a pair of black shoes to protect his feet, and his head is covered by a black knit cap with a red pom-pom on the end.


As a result of the “incident” that landed him in the Facility, Jude is reserved to the point of being emotionally dead, not talking much and never taking much interest in anything going on around him. His will appears mostly eroded, simply going along with whatever anyone tries to get him to do with total apathy. As an outsider to Synchro City’s culture, exposure to the worst of both sides has left him seeing the entire city as worthless, though he does not believe he or anyone else can do anything about it.


Coming soon...



While Jude does have a Deck, it is currently unknown what it is.  Like most Facility inmates, he tends to make use of whatever cards he can get ahold of.

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