KOAL (Kidnae Obscuration and Annihilation Legion) is one of Taylor Gorrell and YRPOtaku169's six collaboration Duel Terminal Archetypes. It is a series of FIRE monsters made up of Warrior, Spellcaster and Beast-Warrior-Types. They are a secret organization formed to hunt down and destroy the dangerous Kidnae, as well as remove all evidence that they even existed. Their rank-and-file are individual soldiers, while their Composition Monsters are combined units, such as platoons and fire teams.


All KOAL monsters, except the Footsoldiers, are based on aspects of the video game Team Fortress 2, usually a weapon present in the game.

KOAL Monster TF2 Aspect
KOAL Artillery K-400 Minigun
KOAL Demolitions Buccan Loose Cannon
KOAL Engineer Desperado Frontier Justice
KOAL Engineer Vendar Dispenser
KOAL Medic Immuni Vaccinator
KOAL Pyrotechnics Slipstream Degreaser
KOAL Scout Fizzle Soda Popper
KOAL Sniper Melag Classic
KOAL Spy Electrode Sapper
KOAL Commander Dragonbreath Dragon's Fury
KOAL Infernal Platoon Pyro class

Play Style

The KOAL Archetype is a very monster-heavy Deck, with several of their monsters being capable of Set in the Spell & Trap Card Zones to take the place of actual Spell & Trap Cards while stronger monsters do the fighting. Due to the large influx of monsters, this Deck is very good for Composition Summons.

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