'I Duel for fun. If i get famous for my dueltaining that's a bonus. Dueling and entertaining the audience. Is all i need. The smile on the audiences faces fires you right up!'   -Kiransho to Jessadia

Kiriansho Jonzu is the main Protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duels Of Fellowship. He's a Duelist with a passion for Dueltaining.

He graduated You Show Duel School to advance his Dueling skills and became a Dueltainer. He has a passion for dragons though he has several other decks with various other Monster catagories he tries to have at least 1 dragon in all his decks 



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A Fun-loving, Energetic and Geeky Teen . Kiriansho loves a good Action Duel and loves put on a show. He doesn't care for fame or money he does it for joy, entertainment and fun. When dueling his Personality remains the same but he always shows respect towards his opponents, with a few exceptions, even complimenting them during a Duel.

Kiriansho is very lively and High-spirited in You show he mostly stayed with his fellow Nerd Squad. He finds Socialising with other Personality groups hard.

Jocks find him lazy and annoying, Populars can't stand his constant rants about Dueling and find his other interests uninteresting. Yuya and His friends enjoy his company.

Abilities and Powers

As an Action Duelist, Kiriansho is very acrobatic and fit, having participated in physical training regimes at You Show Duel School. He also has the power to see and hear Duel Spirits like Jaden.

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