Klash Fu is a martial art form seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART.  The practice of Klash Fu is primarily based around hand motions that resemble claw swipes, described as "unleashing the fury of wild animals".  Kire Kenkoro is a student of this martial art.

There is also an Archetype based on this martial art.


Like other martial arts, Klash Fu has a ranking system, starting from 1st-degree (weakest) to 10th-degree (strongest).  Rather than colored belts, however, Klash Fu practitioners wear clawed gloves with colored claws that mark the wearer's degree.

1. White Claw

2. Gold Claw

3. Brown Claw

4. Platinum Claw

5. Blue Claw

6. Gray Claw

7. Green Claw

8. Yellow Claw

9. Red Claw

10. Diamond Claw

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