"Those who only show their money, pricey cards, and have no skill behind them, do not deserve to be part of the Dueling world. ...I'll rip them from their pride, and take everything from them."
— Klip —

Klip Thormond is a thief who has born in the slums of Domino City. He is a skilled Duelist who uses high-stake Ante Duels to take entire decks from his opponents.


Klip's name comes from "kleptomania", an inability to resist the urge to steal items, referencing him being a thief.


Klip, being a thief his whole life, is cunning, manipulative and unpredictable. A smoothtalker at heart, he likes to deceive people, and uses them to achieve his goals. He enjoys seeing people get desperate when confronted with his true self during his Duels.

He has a strong belief that money doesn't equal skill and knowledge, and that the weak has no right to be part of the Dueling world. Because of this, he plays high-stake Ante Duels with the rich of the city, who looked down on him since he was born, putting their decks on the line. He acts and plays weak at first, giving his opponent a false sense of security and making them feel superior to him, just for him to crush that feeling in the end, making them miserable and desperate.


Klip was born on the streets, in the slums of Domino City. He had a harsh childhood, as he quickly found himself alone after his parents left him when he turned 10. He was begging for money and food, but he barely had any success. Soon, he started to resort to stealing and pickpocketing to get by. He was ridiculed, mocked, and looked down upon by the wealthier residents. He developed hatred towards the rich, and wanted to make them feel the despair and hardships of the poor. 

After he turned 16, he started to challenge the people of Domino City. After defeating numerous opponents, he soon recognized that behind all that mocking and arrogance was nothing more than money. This made his hatred grow stronger, as he realized none of them were better than him in any way. After that, his Dueling became more intense. He made his opponents bet their decks in Ante Duels, while he put his own deck on the line. He also used his manipulative skills to cause great mental damage to his opponents.

After losing to Yusui, he stopped taking his opponents' decks, though he still played mindgames with them.


Klip plays a "Snatcher" Deck, which focuses on taking control of his opponents monsters, and gaining different benefits from doing so. While normally the monsters he steals can't attack, and are returned to his opponent during the End Phase, his cards let him overcome these boundaries, utilizing the monsters he steals to their best potential. He also uses the "Loot" series, which gets advantage of the stolen monsters he can no longer use.

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