Krysta (クリスタ Kurisuta) is an archetype created by Hawkatana. They are used by Yuga Senku, the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Xross. They are monsters of different attributes employ various effects that increase in power the more "Krysta" monsters are on the field.


The "Krysta" monsters are based on mythical creatures from different cultures from around the world and the concept of alchemy. They are ethereal in appearance, stemming from a gem "core" the colour of their attribute in their chests, with the alchemical symbol in black for their corresponding element on their forehead. Their upgraded counterparts, the "Krysta King" (クリスタ•キング Kurisuta Kingu) monsters are Overdrive Monsters that embody their respective element and have their core and emblem be gold.


Krysta Monster Attribute Legendary Creature
Raiju LIGHT Raiju
Soul LIGHT Soul
Lycan DARK Werewolf
Phoenix FIRE Phoenix
Kitsune FIRE Kitsune
Salamander FIRE Salamander
Ondine WATER Undine
Icarus WIND Icarus
Garuda WIND Garuda
Golem EARTH Golem
Taurus EARTH Minotaur
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