Name: Kuran Hiwatari
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: Not measured
Weight: Not measured
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Deck: Glaring
Appears in: Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART

Kuran Hiwatari is a mysterious boy that appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART. His exact role in the story is currently unknown.


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Kuran's appearance.


Kuran is a 15-year-old boy with long, frizzy scarlet hair and dull pink eyes. His typical outfit consists of a drooping orange tank top covered in creepy markings over a black long-sleeve shirt, green pants also covered in those markings, black futuristic-looking boots, and dark blue gloves with spiked cuffs.


Kuran is portrayed as mostly emotionless, only showing slight emotion at times and often trailing off in his speech. He does know how to act friendly in spite of this, and his creepy appearance is not usually commented on. He appears to know something about the Sykonetyks (or at least Aero), but what, if anything, he knows is uncertain.



Kuran is first seen after Kohaku Yudin escapes from the angry Cleo Hamun. He plots Kohaku's class schedule on his Gamepad so he doesn't have to run through his classes, then asks Kohaku to show him how to Composition Summon, as he is new to it. Kohaku agrees, but Kuran is caught up in Kohaku and Cleo's argument, resulting in Kohaku and Cleo Dueling. Kohaku does explain Composition Summoning to Kuran through the Duel, and after the Duel, Kuran thinks that Kohaku may be "the one he is searching for". He thanks Kohaku for showing him what to do, but he leaves a silver-bordered Game Card in Kohaku's grasp before leaving.

During the odd wind epidemic in Level 008, Kuran appeared to hang out with Kohaku and his friends to inform them that the wind was not natural, claiming he could "feel it". When he caught sight of Fubuki Kazehana, the two stared at each other eerily before Fubuki left. Kuran then abruptly left with an apology to follow him. He then sent Kohaku a message saying that he believed that Fubuki was the culprit of the odd winds, and his suspicions were proven correct when Fubuki revealed himself as Sykonetyk - Aero.


Opponent Level Outcome
Hiroki Kazoen 010 Lose

Kuran's full Deck is unknown, as only one card was seen.

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