Name: Kuronazo (real name)
The Black Mystery (nickname)
The detective of darkness
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Deck: Ghostrick
Appears in: Numbershot 1, Deckshibition Chapter 14, Numbershot 80

Kuronazo is a mysterious detective and a minor character appearing in Taylor Gorrell's Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL continuity. It's hinted he might be Tokunosuke in disguise.


Kuronazo is rather short, seemingly kiddish in stature. He keeps his appearance simple: A full-body cloak (dark purple in his debut, black in all other appearances), and a dark gray mask with red highlights. Kuronazo's voice is always distorted when he talks, preventing identification.


Kuronazo is a largely silent and very serious person who possesses very good detective skills.



Kuronazo made a minor debut in Numbershot 1, being a competitor in Ace's 32-person Duel tournament. He defeated Kyorei in the first round, but subsequently lost to Marizu in the second round. During each of his Duels, Tokunosuke was gone from the stands. After his second Duel, Kuronazo bumped into Hikaya Kodoa, who was searching for Tokunosuke. Kuronazo stated he'd pass word to him and ran off.

Kuronazo made a greater appearance in the Deckshibition series, where he investigated a series of mysterious pranks during Cathy's Halloween party that Tokunosuke was blamed for. Collecting various pieces of evidence, Kuronazo deduced that the culprit was in a vampire costume, which matched only one party guest: A boy named Koumori. The latter challenges Kuronazo to a Duel, promising to come clean if he loses, which he did. Kuronazo informed him that his pranks got Tokunosuke unjustly kicked out of the party (without his knowledge, even), and he tells Koumori that he should clear it up, telling him his name before leaving. Kuronazo was only briefly seen standing on top of Cathy's mansion before vanishing in thin air.



Opponent Outcome
Koumori Win
Mitsume, Suguru TBD

Kuronazo's main Deck is a Ghostrick Deck, based on Setting cards and stalling the opponent until an opening presents itself, covering his cards' normally bad offensive abilities.



Opponent Outcome
Kyorei Win
Marizu Lose

As his actual Deck had not yet been determined during the time of Numbershot 1, Kuronazo was only seen using a few random cards in his Duels. The Deck appeared to be rather effective, as he defeated Kyorei in an apparently short Duel without losing any Life Points.

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