Name: Kyorei (real name)
Shining Vylon Light (Terminal Gang title)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Deck: Vylon
Appears in: Various ZEXAL stories written by Taylor Gorrell

Kyorei is a character appearing in Taylor Gorrell's Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL continuity. He is the leader of the Terminal Gang and their resident Xyz specialist.


Kyorei is a boy of average height with fair skin, green eyes, and short whitish-blonde hair. He wears a white shirt with a yellow waist coat, black pants, white shoes, and a silver necklace around his neck, and his ears are pierced with gold stud earrings.


Kyorei is a level-headed yet friendly individual who tries to keep the Terminal Gang at the top of their game. According to Ariel, he is a gentlemanly person, and it shows as he doesn't like offending people.


Early Life

When Kyorei was younger, he met Ariel, who had no friends as a result of a cult, an became her friend, the two of them forming the Terminal Gang along with Honto, Galen, Megami, and Akun.


Kyorei is first seen practicing with Ariel a day after Shark met her, meeting Shark for the first time. He offered to have Shark meet the rest of the gang, but Shark refused. Shark did meet them at one point off-screen.

Kyorei appeared again in the 6-in-1 Numbershot Special, posing a challenge to Yuma and his friends just for fun: Yuma and five friends against the whole gang. Kyorei ended up Dueling Yamoto in the first match, but Kyorei was revealed to possess a Number, which overtook him later in the Duel. However, Yamoto beat him and retrieved the Number.

He tried participating in Ace's tournament in Numbershot 1, but he was eliminated in the first round by Kuronazo.


The Terminal Gang

Kyorei was Ariel's first friend after the cult recruited her old friends, and as such, Ariel considers him her best friend. Kyorei holds good relationships with Honto, Galen, Megami, and Akun as well. According to Ariel, Kyorei and Megami have too much sexual tension and should just get together already, which she and the other three members tried to speed along. Despite occasionally humiliating failures, Kyorei and Megami did end up getting together in the end.


Kyorei and Shark are on friendly terms, Kyorei being grateful that Shark saved Ariel's life.


Opponent Outcome
Yamoto Lose
Kuronazo Lose

As a member of the Terminal Gang, Kyorei's Deck is comprised of a Duel Terminal Archetype. Being the LIGHT of the team, his Deck is a Vylon Deck, combining Xyz Summon tactics with the Vylons' signature Equip Card strategy. His monsters are exclusively the black Vylons. He once had a Number, but it was safely retrieved.

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