Name: Laurent Perrier
Age: Early 30s
Gender: Male
Deck: Dead Max
Occupation: Network Executive Producer (former)
Appears in: Decks-hibition 5

Laurent Perrier is a one-shot character appearing in Taylor Gorrell's Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL continuity.


Lauren is a thin man with orange hair and brown eyes. He has only been seen wearing a typical black business suit.


Laurent initially seems to be a calm and reasonable, if also rather callous, individual who appears to be concerned with the newer generation of viewers. However, it is revealed that he is simply a greedy and uncaring person who was only out to make a quick fortune off of Star Robin's success.



Laurent Perrier was one of the executive produce of the network that aired D.D. ESPer Star Robin, albeit only for 2 weeks, and he had only worked on 3 episodes of the series. When Fuya had an outburst over the newest episode script, which was labelled the final as well as with a downer ending, Laurent brought him and his mother to his office to explain, claiming that he felt it was time to shift the network's programming to appeal to and shape the minds of the younger generation of viewers. In the face of his complete disregard for Star Robin's popularity, Laurent was punched by Fuya, and his script tossed out the window before Fuya challenged him to a Duel: Star Robin would stay on the air and Laurent would have no future say on the show's matters if Fuya won, but Laurent raised the stakes so that if he won, Star Robin Studios would be renamed Perrier Productions, and Fuya would be fired. For the Duel, however, Laurent stole a Dead Max Deck that was meant for Fuya after the completion of Season 2 and used it against him. Despite cheating during the Duel and driving Fuya into a corner, Laurent lost thanks to some timely intervention by Number 83: Galaxy Queen, giving Fuya the combo he needed. With Laurent's defeat, he was picked up by two security guards, and the studio head appeared, firing Laurent for this stunt and for his plan to prematurely cancel Star Robin just to make the money that would result from its completion. Laurent was carried off as an angry wreck, the studio head claiming he would make sure Laurent never worked in entertainment again.


Opponent Story Outcome
Fuya Okudaira Decks-hibition 5 Lose

Laurent used the Dead Max Deck that was made for Fuya, which are based on the minions of Dead Max as well as the dark emperor himself. It focused on swarming the field to use support cards, some of which required multiple monsters to use effectively.

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