Lavender Field
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Field Field
All "Lavender" monsters you control gain 500 ATK. Once per turn, you can activate 1 of the following effects.

- If you have more LP than your opponent: You can place 1 "Lavender" Pendulum Monster from your Deck in your Pendulum Zone.

- You can destroy 1 other card you control or that is in your hand, and if you do, you gain 1000 LP.

- You can send this card from your Field Zone to the Graveyard; Fusion Summon 1 Dragon-Type Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using Pendulum Summoned monsters you control as Fusion Materials.

Rarity Common



Arum Dragon - Arum Gargoyle - Titan Arum Dragon - Arum Seed


Rafflesia Dragon - Rafflesia Wyvern - Rafflesia Hydra - Rafflesia Seed

Other monsters

Gas Dragon - Skunk Plant

Amorphallus Dragon


Stench Zone - Dead Head Jungle

Stench - Stench Trigger - Stench Burst - Stench Fog - Passing Stench

Non-Stench S/T support

Dracunculus Wave - Rafflesia Planter

Odour Spray


Lavender Dragon - Lavender Pendulum Dragon - Lavender Arc Dragon - Lavender Wyvern - Lavender-De-Nuit - Lavender Seed - Lavender Field - Incense Burner - Lavender Burst - Lavender Planter

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