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Legends of the Duel pack

A perfect way for beginners to Yu-Gi-Oh to start! This set includes many new archtypes and is sure to amaze.


Helpers: Elfarcher123, CardTamer

Legends of the Duel
(FTCG - English)
Booster Pack
Feel free to add your own cards to the set! :)

Cards to Be Added

Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
LOTD-EN000 Number N6: Chronomaly Lost Atlandis Secret Rare Monster
LOTD-EN001 Knight of the Blue Flame Common Monster
LOTD-EN002 Kuribble Common Monster
LOTD-EN003 Jurrac Compso Common Monster
LOTD-EN004 Dinobeast Twin Rex Common Monster
LOTD-EN005 Heatdon Common Monster
LOTD-EN006 Toon World Vol. 2: Toon Adventure Rare Spell
LOTD-EN007 Toon Defense Tactics Common Trap
LOTD-EN008 Crimson Jungle Common Spell
LOTD-EN009 Branched Evolution Rare Spell
LOTD-EN010 Toon Page No. 087: Comix Town Common Spell
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