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Legion Monster are type of Monsters. Their frame is colored crimson with vines details in the background.

Just like Pendulum Monsters, Legion Monsters can be seen as any type of monsters (Normal and Effect Monster's frame are fully red. However; Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters are high red.)

Legion Monsters can call upon a partner next to them, creating a tag team. They can Legion Summon a monster and placed it right next to the Legion Monster in one Monster Zone.

In order to Legion Summon, Legion Monsters have conditions on what kind of monsters will call right next to them.

For example:

  • LEGION: Level 4 or lower Monster
  • LEGION: Beast-type Monster
  • LEGION: FIRE Monster

When two monsters are in the same zone, this form a position known as Legion State. You can only have one Legion Monster who's in Legion State.

If two monsters are on Legion State, both their ATK and DEF power are combine as well as their effects.

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