Light and Dark Powers
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
LADP-EN001 Pethunder Rare Normal Tuner Monster
LADP-EN002 Performapal Odd-Eyes Light Charmer Common Effect Pendulum Monster
LADP-EN003 Performapal Odd-Eyes Dark Charmer Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
LADP-EN004 Magician Draconic Common Effect Pendulum Monster
LADP-EN005 Magician Dracosword Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
LADP-EN006 Superheavy Samurai Giant Hammer Common Effect Tuner Monster
LADP-EN007 D/D Caliana Common Effect Pendulum Monster
LADP-EN008 D/D Mountain Fiend Normal Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
LADP-EN009 Botanical Virus Cicalata Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN010 Botanical Virus Cerbera Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN011 Botanical Virus Dandylia Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN012 Botanical Virus Datura Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN013 Botanical Virus Hedera Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN014 Botanical Virus Nox-Vonyca Super Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN015 Trap Collector Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN016 Yellow Baboon, Sage of the Forest Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN017 Imhotep, the Gravekeeper's First Ancestor Secret Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN018 Gravekeeper's Mummy Spirit Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN019 Gravekeeper's Mercenary Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN020 Jinzo - Cyber Brain Ultra Rare Effect Tuner Monster
LADP-EN021 Protecting the "C" Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN022 Happy Lover Powered Common Effect Tuner Monster
LADP-EN023 Meda Bat Powered Common Effect Tuner Monster
LADP-EN024 Cyber Genex Controller Super Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN025 Alien Egg Rare Effect Tuner Monster
LADP-EN026 Command - Alphus Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN027 Command - Deltum Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN028 Command - Gamea Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN029 Command - Omoga Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN030 D.D. Reaper Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
LADP-EN031 Cyber Dragon Neun Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN032 Cyber Dragon Zehn Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN033 Petit Moth Golden Cocoon Super Rare Effect Union Monster
LADP-EN034 Insect Prince Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN035 Raidraptor - Nuclear Lanius Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN036 Magical Machine Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN037 Magical Athlete Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN038 Magical General Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN039 Heartvoid LV4 Common Effect Monster
LADP-EN040 Heartvoid LV6 Normal Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN041 Heartvoid LV8 Normal Rare Effect Monster
LADP-EN042 Dokurorider Powered Normal Rare Effect Ritual Monster
LADP-EN043 Botanical Virus Atropdonna Rare Effect Fusion Monster
LADP-EN044 Botanical Virus Brugmanse Common Effect Fusion Monster
LADP-EN045 Botanical Virus Dieffguine Common Effect Fusion Monster
LADP-EN046 Botanical Virus Ricimouns Rare Effect Fusion Monster
LADP-EN047 Botanical Virus Solaniny Rare Effect Fusion Monster
LADP-EN048 Elemental Cyber Dragon Rare Effect Fusion Monster
LADP-EN049 Number 127: Sage Zombie Holographic Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LADP-EN050 Number C127: Sovereign Sage Zombie Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LADP-EN051 Protector of the World Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LADP-EN052 Command - X-Gamea Rare Effect Synchro Monster
LADP-EN053 Command - X-Omoga Common Effect Synchro Monster
LADP-EN054 Command - X-Deltum Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
LADP-EN055 Command - X-Alphus Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster
LADP-EN056 Botanical Contamination Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LADP-EN057 Botanical Fusion Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LADP-EN058 Botanical Resurrection Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LADP-EN059 Ultimate Kozaky's Evolution! Common Normal Spell Card
LADP-EN060 Command Recycle Normal Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LADP-EN061 Command Transformation Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LADP-EN062 Dokurorider Evolution Common Ritual Spell Card
LADP-EN063 Rank-Up-Magic - Light and Darkness Force Normal Rare Normal Spell Card
LADP-EN064 Elemental Alliance Common Continuous Spell Card
LADP-EN065 Heartvoid - LV World Secret Rare Continuous Spell Card
LADP-EN066 H20 World Super Rare Field Spell Card
LADP-EN067 Pot of Anxiety Common Normal Spell Card
LADP-EN068 Elemental Cyber Fusion Normal Rare Normal Spell Card
LADP-EN069 Torrential Mirror Force Common Normal Trap Card
LADP-EN070 Eye of Dimension Rare Continuous Trap Card
LADP-EN071 Fabled Tricks Common Normal Trap Card
LADP-EN072 The Prisoner Common Continuous Trap Card
LADP-EN073 Elemental Tuner Common Normal Trap Card
LADP-EN074 Botanical Infected Forest Common Continuous Trap Card
LADP-EN075 Botanical Infestation Virus Common Normal Trap Card
LADP-EN076 Tempest Dark Hole Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LADP-EN077 Solemn Surprise! Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
LADP-EN078 Dimensional Help! Common Normal Trap Card
LADP-EN079 H20 Combination Common Continuous Trap Card
LADP-EN080 Royal Counterattack! Normal Rare Counter Trap Card
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