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Limit Break of the Duelist is a Machine-themed Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! NOVA series. It is the third set in the NOVA series, as well as the first set in the "Limit Break" series overall. It follows the Twilight Hour set. It is followed by the Dance of Shadows/Dance of Light sets.


The set contains cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! NOVA fan fiction.

The cover card is "Number 90: Constellation Scorpius/Overlimit Mode".

The set has a green galaxy as the background.

It includes new cards used by Yuka Tsukimori, Malik, Zero Tsukimori, and 3 new characters.

It introduces the "Overlimit", "Suimin", and "Sleep" archetypes as well as introducing the Overlimit monsters, a new sub-catagory of Effect Monsters that undergo the new Overlimit Summon to acquire new abilities. Contains more members and support for the "Ancient Gear", "Cyber Dragon (archetype)",  "Elemental HERO"."Constellation", "Hieratic", "Rank-Up-Magic", and "Number" archetypes, as well as new support for cards introduced in The Lost Millenium and Cybernetic Revolution sets.

You can use this set to power up Starter Deck Nova.

Card List


There are 90 cards in total. Counting cards released with more than one rarity, there are over 105 cards in the Master Set. These are comprised of: