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Link Equip Spell Card
VS's Custom Spell
Link Equip Spell Logo.png
Japanese リンク(そう)()()(ほう)カード
∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ Base リンク装備魔法カード
∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ Romanized Rinku Sōbi Mahō Kādo
Anime Appearance Yu-GI-Oh! VS
Game Appearance Duel Portal

A Link Equip Spell Card, known as a Link Equip Magic Card (Japanese: リンク(そう)()()(ほう)カード Rinku Sōbi Mahō Kādo) in the OCG, is a Spell Speed 1 multi effects Spell Card.

Link Equip Cards shares some characteristic from both Link Spell Card and Equip Spell Card.

They have two effects, written separately on two different boxes. The upper box contains Link Effects while the lower box contains Link Equip Effect. Both effects are mutually exclusive.

Link Effects

When it is first activated, it will remain face-up continuously with Link Effect activated. In this state, it retains all characteristics of a Link Spell Card.

Link Equip Effects

During your Main Phase 1 or 2, you can target 1 appropriate monster directly linked to the Link Equip Card to be equipped. Instead of remaining face-up, it will be attached beneath its target like Xyz Material. The process is irreversible by normal means.

In this state, its Link Effect is replaced by Link Equip Effect. It still can be targeted by attack if the GUARD is not fulfilled. Since it no longer has Link Markers, the number of GUARD is always considered as 1 (equipped monster is considered as a Guardian).

Special Ruling

Furthermore, unlike Equip Card, Link Equip Card will not be destroyed if the equipped monster is no longer face-up on the field but "stick" along with it. For example, if the equipped monster is flipped face-down, the Link Equip Card will be flipped face-down as well and if it is banished until the End Phase, the card will be banished as well until the End Phase.

Valid Target

If the equipped monster is no longer a valid target, the Equip Card is immediately destroyed.

Normal Circumstance: Link Equip only to a Warrior-Type monster.

However, there are exception for this basic mechanism. For instance, the Link Equip with phrase such as "Can only target Warrior-Type monster for Link Equip..." will not be destroyed when the equipped monster is no longer a Warrior-Type. This wording indicates that it is just an activation condition, not a permanent condition.

Special Circumstance: Can only target Warrior-Type monster for Link Equip.