Lorcan Furawāzu is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn and Dusk and a former bully who lived a 'lone wolf' life after being blamed for the sole bullying of Misaki Asura during elementary school which causes him to drop out.



Lorcan is a teenage boy with a fair skin, golden eyes with purple eyelids and purple hair with black bangs  His standard attire is a black shirt with the tag sticking out at the back and six pocket khaki pants, or sometimes long pants.


During grade school, Lorcan loved to go on self-imposed adventures and played a lot, in what he described as a battle against "boredom". He always played pranks with living things or other kids. After Misaki transferred to their class, Ishida became more devious as he always mocked her, which resulted in him receiving scoldings from his teachers often.

After he became the scapegoat for the bullying of Misaki, Lorcan was isolated from everyone and drops out of school. He was deeply filled with regret for all the things he did to the girl, and started to contempt others. 

As a teenager, Lorcan is shown to be calm, collected and intelligent, but also colder, more serious and protective of his little sister, believing his life to be cut short and devoid of friends or a future. This causes him to distance himself from people even when they try to befriend him, such as Yukinari Sasaki, the new boy in Lorcan's apartment building.

After meeting Yukinari and reuniting with Misaki, Lorcan starts to gain friends, hang out and laugh more. Throughout this time, he has the objective to give the girl he bullies back the happiness he once took and helps her find the old friends she once had. Even with these acts of atonement, Lorcan still struggles in moving on when he remembers his past mistakes and the isolation that followed.




Lorcan's elementary school life usually consisted of fun and games which was usually spent with his closest friends, Kazuki Shimada and Keisuke Hirose. At times, he also spent time with his seatmate Naoka Ueno. As a child, Shōya was hyperactive, mischievous and playful, which made him popular and well-known among his classmates.

However, upon the arrival of a new student Misaki Asura, Lorcan's life begins to slowly fall apart. After hearing that Misaki's incapable of hearing, Lorcan repeatedly entertains himself and his classmates by poking fun at her. However, due to Misaki’s condition, she was unable to hear him.

Eventually, the school hired a sign language tutor to educate the class in sign language so that they would be capable of communicating easily with Misaki. The entire class refuses to do so, except for Kanta Futaki who learns the language and befriends Misaki. However, one day, Kanata stops coming to school. Lorcan worsens things between him and Misaki by writing a false message on the blackboard stating that the reason Kanata left was because of her. He apologises sarcastically and erases the board, though Misaki, being unable to hear him, reluctantly thanks him.

As Lorcan was going home one day, he is stopped by Misaki, who asks if he wants to befriend her. Lorcan angrily rips his arm away, scoops some dirt from the ground and tosses it at Misaki before running away towards his friends.

However, these foolish and childish acts only lasted for a short while until Lorcan began to physically assault her, ripping out her hearing aids and tossing them out the window, pushing her around and throwing things at her without feeling any guilt. Despite Lorcan's aggressive actions towards Misaki, she continues to respect and smile at him, which Lorcaneventually starts to find irritating. Soon enough, Lorcan starts writing crude messages inside the notebook Misaki uses to communicate with her classmates.

The bullying only lessened after Lorcan takes things too far. As he’s poking fun at Misaki one morning in their classroom, he pulls out one of her hearing aids, permanently causing damage to her ear as he does so.

The next day, Lorcan is reprimanded by their teacher, and eventually his mother. Lorcan is taken to Misaki's family’s household to apologise. After doing so, he strolls around the area for a bit and sees Misaki feeding bread to some carps in the river.

Afterward, Lorcan bumps into Misaki again in school. As she’s handing him her notebook, he grabs it from her and tosses it into the nearby river before running off.

Shortly after that, Lorcan was betrayed by his own friends as well as his classmates. His classmates decided to return the favour and constantly bullied him, doing to him what he did to Shōko.

One day after the end of classes, Lorcan walks into their classroom and sees Misaki wiping crude messages off his table. Lorcan gets furious and the two get into a physical fight. The day after that, Misaki transfers to a different school.

One day after school, Lorcan decided to drop out of school. His little sister Kari was four or five years old who gets pneumonia. All he wanted to do was play soccer, despite being told to watch his sister at home because she was ill. Focusing just on himself, but not wanting to leave his little sister alone, he brought her along to the park where he wanted to kick a soccer ball around with her. He began to get frustrated that she can't kick it well, and tried to teach her.

Not long after, she collapsed, and an ambulance came. Lorcan was harshly scolded by his mother because Kari nearly died of pneumonia. When Kari came home, she apologized to Lorcan for not being able to kick the ball right. Lorcan took the lesson to heart, and decided to look after Kari from that point on. He told his parents that he's dropping out of school which they accepts because they needs him to look after Kari.

Six years later, Lorcan and his father Susumu went to the warehouse where they had to clean up the place. Opening the door, the two found the actual sarcophagus. Touching it, Lorcan unlocked the sarcophagus containing Vampire Royal cards and a bat-winged duel disk.

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Yukinari Sasaki

Yukinari  was the first person that Lorcan befriended after six years of isolation. Lorcan happened to see him being bullied by some guy who took his bike from him. Since then, Yukinari has served as a partner to Lorcan during their missions to take down the Prideful Knights.

Lorcan also seems very protective of Yukinari following the duel with Hirose.

Misaki Asura

He bullied Misaki during grade school, taking away her happy days as a regular student. Six years later, instead of apologizing, he asked for friendship which she happily accepted. He then treated her normally and ensured that he would give her proper treatment, repenting for his sins. He taught her how to play duel monsters.

Kanata Futaki

Satoshi Mashiba

Yui Kotegawa

Kari Furawāzu

Jeri Katou

Jeri is Lorcan's childhood friend and neighbour. He has a crush on her and those feelings are mutual. Lorcan taught her how to play Duel Monsters. She was shocked that Lorcan was the one who duelled against the Prideful Knights.


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