MALD, short for Memory Ad-Lib Disorder, is a mental illness seen in Taylor Gorrell's fanfiction universe.  It is described as a defect in a person's ability to form and keep memories that, while the creation and retention of memories is still possible, causes memories to be randomly lost or possibly altered.  In some cases, memories of recent events can be used to patch up the missing memories, causing sufferers to have inaccurate recollections of their pasts.  However, some sufferers can prevent MALD from taking effect, restoring lost memories and preventing new ones from being lost, by being near or having contact with something or someone important to them, referred to as a "Trigger".

Known Sufferers

  • Anna Kozuki (Trigger: Yuya Tsukune)
  • Yuya Tsukune's grandfather (Trigger: Unknown)
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