Madam Heartthrob and her Fiendish Fingers are a group of Barians led by Madam Heartthrob under Vector and Don Thousand in order to steal the Number cards from Yuma Tsukumo, Simon Notroson, Shark, Farakad, Kyoji Yagumo, and Kite Tenjo.


This group was originally a gang of underworld Dueling criminals working under Madam Heartthrob and rivaled Mr. Heartland's own Fearsome Four of the Dark Dueling World before they began to work together. All of them died tragically and were eventually reincarnated as Barians.

After failing to obtain the Legendary Numbers, Vector summoned the members of the Fiendish Finger to accompany Heartland's Fearsome Four in their journey to take the "Numbers" from Yuma Tsukumo, Simon Notroson, Shark, Farakad, Kyoji Yagumo, and Kite Tenjo.


Being Barians, the Fiendish Fingers have superhuman abilities such as teleporting and taking into alternative forms that give them unique abilities, such as Mimizumi's tunnling capability and Hiru being capable of draing the life energy of others with just a touch. They have also shown the ability to alter a Duel by using a Crest akin to that of Don Thousand's Emblem to halve the opponent's Life Points and add it to their own at the very beginning of the Duel, effectively cheating.

Fiendish Fingers

Each member has an alternate form based on different invertebrates.

Identity Number Card Current Status
Madam Heartthrob Number 0.5: Kraking Unknown
Mimizumi Number 1.5: Earthquake Worm Unknown
Kani Number 2.5: Guillotine Crab Unknown
Hotaru Number 4.5: Blazing Firefly Unknown
Bachin Number 5.5: Parasoid Queen Bee Unknown
Hiru Number 6.5: Power Leech Unknown
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