The Madness Monsters are an archetype of DARK Monsters consisting mostly of Warrior and Fiend Types with the addition of a few Beast and Machine Types. The Monsters in this archetype are primarily based on characters and enemies in American McGee's Alice and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns. The "Mad Rogue" (Agent of Madness in OCG) sub-series are Monsters based on well-known Batman Villians, many of which are known to have spent time in Arkum Asylum and (for the most part) share appearances with how those characters look in the Batman: Arkham games. Some of the Spell and Trap cards are based on some form of psychiatric diagnosis and/or insanity. The central playstyle of this deck is that there is no playstyle. The effects of the monsters are all over the place, but the general point is to bring out the high Level Monsters quick to Xyz Summon one of the three figureheads of the archetype.

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