Magic & Gravity

“Magic & Gravity” is an archetype of DARK Spellcaster-type monsters created by LGhostRiderl and debuted in Thousand Faces.


All "Magic & Gravity" card names are related with famous Illusionists:

"Magic & Gravity" Card Illusionist
Blackstone Harry Blackstone Sr.
Diablo Roudini Harry Houdini
Kell Harry Kellar
Milborn Milbourne Christopher
Rob-Houd Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin
Slydini Tony Slydini
Vern Dai Vernon

Playing Style

An "Magic & Gravity” deck focus on Swarm and OTK. All level 8 "Magic & Gravity" monsters can be Special Summoned from your Hand to your opponent's side on the field by tributing monsters, sending spell/trap cards or banishing cards, and also all of them have 0 ATK, helping OTK's. "Kell" can Special Summon itself from the Hand and recover banished "Magic & Gravity" cards, "Rob-Houd" can search cards and "Milborn" can Special Summon others "Magic & Gravity" monsters.

To help the OTK, all "Magic & Gravity" Spell Cards can be banished from the Graveyard to preventing your opponent activate certain effects during the Battle Phase, "Gravitational Cube" can give double battle damage and twice attacks and "Dimensional Staff" can protect your monster from being targeted by card effects and give ATK boost.

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