"Magic Golems" is an archetype consisting of Rock monsters. they can be divided into three "Tiers": The basic ones (all Level 1 Effect Monsters that can be summoned regularly from the hand), the Bases for the Kings (all Level 3 Ritual Monsters that can be used to summon the kings) and the kings (The "bosses" of the archetype)


Their design is inspired by the jewish myth of the golem: a monster made of Clay that protected a city from attackers six days a week.


They are meant to be played the following way: use the basic Level 1 Magic golems to Ritual Summon three bases for one of the Golem Kings, and then summoing that Monster from the extra deck to dominate the game.

Each one of the Golem Kings represents a different Playstyle:

  • The Ruby boosts its own ATK and DEF while lowering the ones onf the other mosnters you control.
  • The Opal Lowers the opponent's monsters ATK and DEF, while making you pay LP to do so.
  • The Emerald avoids your other monsters from being destroyed a limited number of times.
  • The Sapphire boosts the ATK and DEF of your other monsters, while lowering its own stats.
  • The Diamond allows you to win instantly under very certain coditions
  • The Obsidian forces your opponent to attack it, while also raising your opponent's monster ATK and DEF




Extra Deck

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