Magmander (マグマンダー Magumandā) is an Archetype of FIRE Reptile-Type monsters created by Taylor Gorrell based on the myths of the salamander and the Cherufe, two elemental creatures of fire. All Magmanders are named after various volcanoes and are covered in flames whose color indicates its relative strength, going on a scale of red, orange, yellow, white, blue, red indicating the weakest Magmanders and blue indicating the strongest Magmanders. The Main Deck monsters are various non-anthropomorphic lizards while the Hybrid Monsters are humanoid lizard creatures made of rock and magma, the magma color matching the color of their flames.

Magmanders are supported by the "Eruption" archetype.

Play Style

Magmanders, like many Reptile Archetypes, utilize Counters; in this Archetype's case, they use Magma Counters. However, unlike most of these Counters, Magma Counters are not used to directly weaken the opponent. Instead, Magmanders focus on spreading Magma Counters to numerous cards on the field at once, then taking advantage of cards having Magma Counters to use their effects.

Their Splice Cards are within the "Eruption" Archetype, so part of their strategy involves searching out "Eruption" cards, while have their own effects in addition to allowing to Hybrid Summon.

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