Maiden in Love is an archetype first used by Blair Flannigan in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX for only one episode with only three cards being made for this archetype, but during the events of My Maiden's Number, Kotori Mizuki starts using this expanded archetype.

Play Style

Maiden in Love decks are constructed to distributing Maiden Counters in order to take control of the opponent's monsters, either by Cupid Kiss or various other support cards that can take advantage of controlling the opponent's monsters. Unfortunately, this requires Maiden in Love to be attacked or attack other monsters in order to distribute Maiden Counters, and this strategy can only be done in Attack Position. To avert the reprecussions of receiving large amounts of damage, cards such as "Maiden in Eternal Love" or "Damage Diet " can reduce the amount of battle damage taken each turn. Other less painful alternatives to distribute these counters include "Diamond Cupid" and "Box of Chocolates ".

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