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Makoto Kabara is one of Rito Obsidian Sakaki's friends.



Makoto has helmet-like, green-lined violet hair, with two horn-like green spikes on the forehead. He also has round hazel eyes.

His casual outfit is a t-shirt bearing a stylized lightning, shorts, and sneakers. He also often brings along a toy visor tied with a string around the neck, hanging over his chest or back interchangeably. He always puts it on when about to Duel, in a reference to Duel Gazers.


Makoto is a cheeful, caring, and sometimes easily excitable kid, but not to the point of the hot-blooded Runo Sakaki. He's a huge fan of Sentai shows such as Choryo Sentai Overranger, as evidenced by his visor, which combined with his hair looks like the classic full-head mask typical of the genre.

Sketches of Makoto.

His "Super Quant" Deck also references this. He likes to do little poses when he Summons a "Super Quantal Mech Beast", and has the habit of declaring "Super Quantum Combination, Xyz Change!" when Summoning "Great Magnus".


Makoto's name means "morality, righteousness, justice, honor" with the Kanji used, reflecting his heroic-like appearance and personality.


Rito Obsidian

Makoto restraining a pseudo-awakened Rito.

Makoto was the first kid who tried to befriend Rito at school, since the others tended to ignore her due to her quietness. It took a while for the Xyz counterpart child to warm up to him, but they became close friends, and now he's Rito's most intimate confidant besides her family, together with Runo.

While Makoto's behavior tends to be deemed childish by their schoolmates, Rito says he finds him cute and amusing, so he often makes little scenes to try to make her laugh and cheer up.

Makoto is also one of the few students who aren't scared by her episodes of pseudo-awakening, and every time it happens he's the first person that tries to restrain her and calm her down.


Makoto uses the "Super Quant" Deck, in keeping with his Super Sentai/Power Ranger motifs.

Portraits by other artists


  • Makoto's heroic-like character and Deck were an idea by Taylor Gorrell.