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Between your Main Deck, Extra Deck and Side Deck, you may only have 3 copies of 1 card of the same name. Here are some examples:

Example 1

"Harpie Queen", on the other hand, only has it's name treated as "Harpie Lady" while it is face-up on the field, or in the Graveyard, but not in the Main Deck, so you can have 3 copies of this card, in addition to any legal combination of the above cards.

  • The rule also applies to "A Legendary Ocean". Its card effect states its name is treated as "Umi" at all times, so you can only have 3 cards in total between these two. You cannot have 3 copies of "A Legendary Ocean" and 3 copies of "Umi" in your deck.

Example 2

Example 3

In the above cases, a duelist may theoretically have up to 3 of each card above in their Deck. These cards are seen as Retrained from the original Normal Monster or Ritual Monster version of the card

Example 4