Name: Megami (real name)
Valuable Gem-Knight Treasure (Terminal Gang title)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Deck: Gem-Knight
Appears in: Various ZEXAL stories written by Taylor Gorrell

Megami is a character appearing in Taylor Gorrell's Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL continuity. She is the member of the Terminal Gang and their resident Fusion specialist.


Megami is a girl with fair skin, curly pale brown hair, and black eyes that "sparkle like a gemstone despite being such a bleak hue". She wears a pink shirt with a dark blue blouse that has sparkly red buttons, a glittery yellow skirt, long white socks, and green sandals.


Not much of Megami's personality has been shown yet, but she appears to be friendly, level-headed, yet easily embarrassed.



Megami's first appearance was in the 6-in-1 Numbershot Special, being part of the 6-on-6 challenge of Yuma's friends against the Terminal Gang. Megami was pitted against Kaito in the fifth match, but she was shown to have a Number, which, unlike the others, took hold and kept hold of her from the start of the Duel. Despite commanding her Deck well, the Number was defeated and retrieved, freeing Megami.


The Terminal Gang

Megami is on good terms with the rest of the Terminal Gang. According to the others, Kyorei and Megami have too much sexual tension and should just get together already, which they tried to speed up. Despite a few somewhat humiliating failures, the others technically succeeded, as Kyorei and Megami did get together in the end.


Opponent Outcome
Kaito Tenjo Lose

As a member of the Terminal Gang, Megami's Deck is comprised of a Duel Terminal Archetype. Being the EARTH of the team, her Deck is a Gem-Knight Deck, which she uses to pull off very quick Fusion Summons. She once had a Number, but it was safely retrieved.

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