Metafolliac Sakurahan Ninja
Attribute dark Dark
Type(s) [ Warrior/Xyz/Effect ]
Rank 6 18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg
ATK / DEF 2400 / 2000
2 Level 6 monsters

You can also Xyz Summon this card by using 1 Level 6 or Level 8 "Metafolliac" Synchro Monster that you control as 1 Xyz Material. Once per turn, you can select 1 card from your hand and shuffle it into the opponent's Deck. If you do, shuffle this card in your Extra Deck in your next Standby Phase.

Sets Madness Echo


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