"Metalmorphed" (メタライズド, Metallized) is an Archetype of Machine-Type monsters of varying Attributes. They consist of retrains of the Metal counterparts, as well as metal versions of other non-Effect Monsters, and revolve around the different versions of "Metalmorph".

Play Style

Metalmorphed monsters are far easier to play than the original Metal counterparts. As not all forms of "Metalmorph" can become Equip Cards, Metalmorphed monsters can be Special Summoned from the Deck, as well as from the hand, by banishing a monster "affected by the effect of a "Metalmorph" card". All Metalmorpheds are Semi-Nomis like the originals, allowing them to be easily re-Summoned if destroyed. Metalmorphed cards tend to utilize Beatdown strategies in combination with anti-Spell Card effects to ensure that their boosted attacks get through.


  • The Metalmorpheds' anti-Spell strategy is a reference to how Machine-Type monsters were immune to magical attacks during the Duelist Kingdom arc (an effect that "Magic Metalmorph" actually retains).


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