Name: Migaka Kishigi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Deck: Ritua
Appears in: Fury of the Dragon

Migaka Kishigi is a character appearing in Taylor Gorrell's Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V continuity. She is the ace of the LDS Ritual Summon Course.


Migaka is a rather buxom young woman with pale skin, curly white hair, and blue eyes that have bags under them. Her outfit is a white tank top with blue clamshell patterns on the chest (invoking a clamshell bra image) that bares her midriff, purple short shorts, and blue high-heeled shoes.


Both of Migaka's names are phonetic reversals of Japanese words relating to her Ritua Deck: "Migaka" is a reversal of "kagami" ("mirror"), and "Kishigi" is a reversal of "gishiki" ("ritual").


Migaka is a rather quiet person who has a creepy thought process: When she Duels, she wants to see fear in her opponents and hear screams of terror from them, and if neither happens, she starts becoming angry. Her voice usually trails off when she speaks, as noted by much of her speech having ellipses. Like most of LDS's elite, she exhibits a level of arrogance, largely in a foreboding or threatening fashion upon being talked to in an "insolent" way.


Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Migaka Kishigi was one of the five students singled out by Helix Duel School for a challenge, alongside Shingo Sawatari, Hokuto Shijima, Masumi Kotsu, and Yaiba Todo. Upon arriving and entering Helix Duel School, Migaka and the other four LDS students engage in a 5-on-1 Duel against Kairyu, Helix Duel School's strongest student. Though Migaka's Ritual Monsters gave Team LDS part of their field advantage, those monsters were turned against her when Kairyu Hybrid Summoned "Helix Chimera Hybrid Dragon", which completely prevented her from releasing "Hybrid Dragon" to Summon "Zielgigas". Migaka was defeated along with her comrades and, albeit off-screen, was subsequently beaten up (and possibly burned) by Kairyu like them, being knocked unconscious. Migaka and the others were then air-dropped in front of the LDS building while bound to large metal stakes with chains as a show of Helix Duel School's rage.


Opponent Outcome
Kairyu Lose (w/ Shingo Sawatari, Hokuto Shijima, Masumi Kotsu, and Yaiba Todo)

Migaka plays a Ritua Deck, capable of impressive Ritual Summoning tactics and useful effects after Ritual Summoning.

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