Archetype Information
Name Mirage Empress
Kanji 女(じょ)帝(てい) の ミラージュ
Phonetic Jotei no Mirajyu
Appears In The Road of the Duelist

Mirage Empress Anko

Mirage Empresses (女(じょ)帝(てい) の ミラージュ) consists of all female Level 8 Spellcaster-Types without a shared Attribute.

Mirage Empress can be Tribute Summoned by tributing 2 monsters you control with the same Attribute as the Mirage Empress you are Summoning. Primarily they have no initial ATK, they only gain half of the ATK of the tributed monsters and each with their own effects and abilities. When they are destroyed, they go back to the owner's Deck instead.


The designs of the Mirage Empresses are made by an artist name "Mirage XXIII". They look like elegant Goddesses of the elements from ancient Greece and their colors represents what element are they using.

Playing Style

Mirage Empressess are all Level 8 monsters, and can be Tribute Summoned by the same Attribute as the Empress that you try to Summon. Using cards like Kaiser Sea Horse, Double Coston and other Single Tribute cards. But also, they take the half of the ATK (and DEF) of the Tribute monsters, so you will still needing 2 monsters to strengthen their ATK (and DEF). And when they are destroyed, they are sent back to the Deck instead.

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