Mirror War is a Booster Pack, a special one, dedicated to the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V II mindset by The Nepfessor.



Set no. English name Rarity Category
MRWR-EN001 Iceborg Glacierdrone Base monster
MRWR-EN002 Iceborg Snowbox Effect Monster
MRWR-EN003 Iceborg Flailtyre Effect Monster
MRWR-EN004 Iceborg Bergear Base monster
MRWR-EN005 Blood Protector Composition Dragon Composition Monster
MRWR-EN006 Iceborg Agiterminator Composition Monster
MRWR-EN007 Iceborg Drone Magician Composition Monster
MRWR-EN008 Iceborg Mirror Field Spell
MRWR-EN009 Iceborg Freezing Quick-Play Spell
MRWR-EN010 Iceborg-Transmitting Virus Normal Trap
MRWR-EN011 Undiver Guivre Effect Monster
MRWR-EN012 Undiver Basilisk Effect Monster
MRWR-EN013 Undiver Basan Effect Monster
MRWR-EN014 Undiver Marine Base monster
MRWR-EN015 Undiver Stream Biscione Composition Monster
MRWR-EN016 Undiver Depth Leviathan Composition Monster
MRWR-EN017 Undiver Wave Normal Spell
MRWR-EN018 Undiver Soul Normal Spell
MRWR-EN019 Undiver Deluge Normal Trap
MRWR-EN020 Undiver Springs Counter Trap
MRWR-EN021 Neurobia Gria Effect Monster
MRWR-EN022 Neurobia Soma Base monster
MRWR-EN023 Neurobia Akso Effect Monster
MRWR-EN024 Neurobia Dendra Effect Monster
MRWR-EN025 Neurobia Lemni Base monster
MRWR-EN026 Neurobia Neuroglia Composition Monster
MRWR-EN027 Neurobia Neuron Composition Monster
MRWR-EN028 Neurobia Cells Quick-Play Spell
MRWR-EN029 Neurobia Atom Normal Trap
MRWR-EN030 Neurobia Stimulus Normal Trap
MRWR-EN031 Ankhreature Baboon Effect Monster
MRWR-EN032 Ankhreature Cat Effect Monster
MRWR-EN033 Ankhreature Cattle Effect Monster
MRWR-EN034 Ankhreature Cobra Effect Monster
MRWR-EN035 Sand Dune Hybrid Dragon Hybrid Monster
MRWR-EN036 Ankhreature Falcon Hybrid Monster
MRWR-EN037 Ankhreature Heron Hybrid Monster
MRWR-EN038 Ankhreature Ba Splice Spell
MRWR-EN039 Ankhreature Source Splice Spell
MRWR-EN040 Ancient Splicing Splice Spell
MRWR-EN041 Battlefeline Cat Effect Monster
MRWR-EN042 Battlefeline Jaguar Effect Monster
MRWR-EN043 Battlefeline Cheetah Effect Monster
MRWR-EN044 Battlefeline Puma Effect Monster
MRWR-EN045 Battlefeline Lion Hybrid Monster
MRWR-EN046 Battlefeline Tiger Hybrid Monster
MRWR-EN047 Battlefeline Nails Splice Spell
MRWR-EN048 Battlefeline Claws Splice Spell
MRWR-EN049 Battlefeline Speed Quick-Play Spell
MRWR-EN050 Battlefeline Protection Continuous Trap
MRWR-EN051 Cobra of the Scorn Creepers Effect Monster
MRWR-EN052 Rattle of the Scorn Creepers Effect Monster
MRWR-EN053 Viper of the Scorn Creepers Effect Monster
MRWR-EN054 Snake of the Scorn Creepers Effect Monster
MRWR-EN055 Snake Emperor of the Scorn Creepers Hybrid Monster
MRWR-EN056 King Cobra of the Scorn Creepers Hybrid Monster
MRWR-EN057 Venom of the Scorn Creepers Splice Spell
MRWR-EN058 Toxin of the Scorn Creepers Continuous Spell
MRWR-EN059 Scales of the Scorn Creepers Continuous Trap
MRWR-EN060 Struggle of the Scorn Creepers Continuous Trap
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