Mis-Wound, known as Scrapspring ("壊れまい", "Kowaremai") in the OCG, is an Archetype of Zombie-Type monsters made by Taylor Gorrell and YRPOtaku169. They are rusty, distorted versions of the Wind-Up monsters, parts of their bodies sporting machinery torn from other machines, their golden key replaced with an evil black key.

Play Style

Mis-Wound monsters have approximately the same play style as their original Wind-Up forms, but with two main differences: 1. Their effects are better than their original forms, and 2. Because they are rusty and on the verge of breaking, instead of a "once while on field" effect, using their effects destroys them during the End Phase.

All Mis-Wounds are also capable of being treated as Machine-Type monsters, letting them use both Zombie and Machne support. The Mis-Wounds' Attributes are the same as their original forms.


  • The Mis-Wounds were based off of the Rusty Toy Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble Blast, which were led a sentient, evil Wonder Key named Dark Rust.
  • "Kowaremai" does not actually mean "Scrapspring", but is in fact a corruption of "Kowareta Zenmai", "Broken Mainspring".
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