Name: Miyu Maho
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 131 lbs
Blood Type: Undecided
Birthday: Undecided
Family: Unnamed mother and father, Natsumi Maho (younger sister)
Likes: Undecided
Dislikes: Undecided
Deck: Undecided
Appears In: Fic name unknown
English VA Undecided

Miyu Maho is the main protagonist of a currently unnamed Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic planned by Taylor Gorrell. Returning to her hometown after three years of no contact, she exposes her true past to the loved ones she left behind... a past that isn't done with her yet.


Miyu is a young woman with fair skin and gold eyes, and she has multicolored spiky hair, just like other past Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists. Her hair is primarily a lilac color, coming down to her lower back and worn in two spiky ponytails behind her head. On top of her head, three bangs remain on her forehead, dyed a dark blue and pointing in three different directions, kinking like zigzags. Her figure is curvy, but not impossibly so, with an above-average bust size.

Miyu's attire is a cyan tank top with a purple rim at the bottom, the top showing a bit of her cleavage, a black jacket that flares in the back and, when zipped up, has a silver outline of the Ritual Spell Card symbol (a flame on a bowl) on the front, a smooth dark blue skirt that stops above her knees, thigh-high white stockings, and black shoes. She also often wears a dark purple Little Red Riding Hood-style cape and hood, the hood almost always down.


Like all other protagonists, Miyu's name contains the syllable "Yu", though unlike any of them, even Jaden Yuki and Kohaku Yudin, the syllable is at the end of one of her names rather than at the start of one. Her last name, "Maho", means "magic".


Miyu is a level-headed girl who keeps her emotions low-key but visible, not acting too into anything but able to show when she's happy, sad, angry, etc. A bit easily annoyed, Miyu often dabbles in sarcasm when she talks and has a tendency to point out things she "doesn't get". She feels bad for leaving everyone she knew for three years, even if it wasn't technically her fault, and does not think highly of the years she spent away from them. According to her, she doesn't change much. Unlike most YGO protags, Miyu holds no emotional connections to her cards, such a thing being another thing that she "doesn't get".


Coming eventually...




Opponent Level Outcome
Unknown 001 TBA

Miyu currently plays a Mana Beast Deck, manipulating Mana Counters to her advantage. After stealing the Ritual Monster "Forcross of the Runesword", it becomes a staple card in her Deck.

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