Myth of Darkness is a Booster Park created by Red243.


  • With the offering of two souls, all of your foes will tumbled before you with your phantom roar! Special Summon! Descend! "Wraith Pitch Shinidrakei"!


  • Includes members/support for the Wyrm type monsters, Zombie type monsters as DARK Support in general.

  • Introduced the "Dragonecro" Archetype, "Dizzy", and the "Timpire" Archetype, in addition to the support of some other Archetypes, such as "Shadoll, and "Red-Eyes" Archetypes


Set no. English name Japanese name Rarity Category
MODN-EN001 Draconic Skull Normal Monster
MODN-EN002 Curse of the Possessed Shield Effect Monster
MODN-EN003 Dark Warrior of Zera [1]
MODN-EN004 Unknown Axolot Effect Monster
MODN-EN005 Dark Soul Armed Dragon [2]
MODN-EN006 Doombringer Ryu Kokki Effect Monster
MODN-EN007 Zombie Werewolf Effect Monster
MODN-EN008 Lava Wyvern Effect Monster
MODN-EN009 Curse of Dragonecro Effect Monster
MODN-EN010 Dragonecro Zombie Effect Monster
MODN-EN011 Dracopot Effect Monster
MODN-EN012 Blazshaddoll Garnet Effect Monster
MODN-EN013 Red-Eyes Tyhone Dragon Effect Monster
MODN-EN014 Dark Baby Dragon Effect Monster
MODN-EN015 Dark Lava Wyvern Effect Monster
MODN-EN016 Twin-Headed Bearded Dragon Effect Monster
MODN-EN017 Shadow Timpire Effect Monster
MODN-EN018 Timpire Deadwood Effect Monster
MODN-EN019 Timpire Blossomare Effect Monster
MODN-EN020 Timpire Coclood Tree Effect Monster
MODN-EN021 Pinewood Timpire Effect Monster
MODN-EN022 Great Elder Oak Timpire Effect Monster
MODN-EN023 Dragonecro Mixer Ghost Effect Monster
MODN-EN024 Cloudian - Mist Ball Effect Monster
MODN-EN025 Cloudian - Black Sheep Cloud Effect Monster
MODN-EN026 Archfiend's Contact Effect Pendulum Monster
MODN-EN027 Tough Hide Beast - Griffore Effect Monster
MODN-EN028 Vendread Poison Moth Effect Monster
MODN-EN029 Fallen Silent Swordman Effect Monster
MODN-EN030 Bek Wybird (Red243) Effect Monster
MODN-EN031 Dizzy Rat Effect Monster
MODN-EN032 Dizzy Tiger Effect Monster
MODN-EN033 Dizzy Spider Monkey Effect Monster
MODN-EN034 Dizzy Angel  Effect Monster
MODN-EN035 Dizzy Spider Monkey Effect Monster
MODN-EN036 Dizzy Crow Effect Monster
MODN-EN037 Vendread Doom Gator Ritual Effect Monster
MODN-EN038 Mekei the Suffering Drakon Fusion Effect Monster
MODN-EN039 Dizzy Chimera Fusion Effect Monster
MODN-EN040 Wraith Pitch Shinidrake Fusion Effect Monster
MODN-EN041 Archfiend Zera of DeVille Fusion Effect Monster
MODN-EN042 Dark Coral Dragon Synchro Tuner Effect Monster
MODN-EN043 Timpire Plasma Apple Xyz Effect Monster
MODN-EN044 Haunted Darkwood Timpire Xyz Effect Monster
MODN-EN045 Duel Skull Sword Equip Spell Card
MODN-EN046 Timpire Uproot Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN047 Timpire's Deception Quick-Play Spell Card
MODN-EN048 Rank-Up-Magic Timpire Life Force Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN049 The Curse of Timpire Forest Field Spell Card
MODN-EN050 Awakening of the Wyrm Emperors Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN051 Mythical Purple Wings Equip Spell Card
MODN-EN007 Flipping the Table Continuous Spell Card
MODN-EN052   Hot Sauce Bottle Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN053 Sparkline Hot Sauce Bottle Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN054 Moonstone Hot Sauce Bottle Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN055 Wyrm's Mirror Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN056 Abyss of Dragon Souls Continuous Spell Card
MODN-EN057 Greed Polimero Quick-Play Spell Card
MODN-EN058 Shadow Polymerization Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN059 Cloudian Gathering Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN060 Gamma Ray of Anti-Fusion Quick-Play Spell Card
MODN-EN061 Dizzy Fusion Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN062 Alternating the Path of Zera Normal Spell Card
MODN-EN063 Soul of the Dragon Guardian Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN064 Ouroboros Chain Continuous Trap Card
MODN-EN065 Timpire of Great Despair Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN066 Timpire Root of Terror Counter Trap Card
MODN-EN067 Fusion Jammer Counter Trap Card
MODN-EN068 Spiritual Dragon Call Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN069 Timer Hot Sauce Bottle Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN070 Gift of the Ritual Lifeforce Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN071 Iron Chain Wall Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN072 Cloudian Twister Barrier Continuous Trap Card
MODN-EN073 Extra Grub Snack Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN074 Cherry Hot Sauce Bottle Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN075 Zombie Bed Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN076 Depth Gardna Normal Trap Card
MODN-EN077 Damage Pot Continuous Trap Card
MODN-EN078 Xyz Charge Up   Continuous Trap Card
MODN-EN079 Mirage Roar Counter Trap Card
MODN-EN080 Archfiend's Soul Translation Continuous Trap Card
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