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The "Natural Dimension Wyverns" (()(ぜん)のディメンション・ワイバーン Shizen no Dimenshon Waibān) is a group of mid-Level Wyrm-Type monsters.


Thematically, the Natural Dimension Wyverns are based after younger versions Four Dimension Dragons that were purified by the Four Nature Cards.

As such, their appearance is very similar to the corresponding Dragon with the addition of decorative details related to the corresponding "En" card, as well being Level 6 (or Rank 3) monsters with 2000 ATK and 1500 DEF. Their effects are also reminiscent of the Dragons, variously recombined with the playstyle of the Bracelet girls' archetypes.

In the same way as the Dragons, the group is separated in four connected archetypes named after the four main Summoning methods of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V:

  • "Pendulum Wyvern" (ペンデュラム・ワイバーン Pendyuramu Waibān)
  • "Fusion Wyvern" (フュージョン・ワイバーン Fyūjon Waibān)
  • "Synchro Wyvern" (シンクロ・ワイバーン Shinkuro Waibān)
  • "Xyz Wyvern" (エクシーズ・ワイバーン Ekushīzu Waibān)


Dimension Wyvern Dragon Nature
Pendulum Odd Melody Pendulum Wyvern Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Flowers (Melodious)
Fusion Starving Moon Fusion Wyvern Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Moon (Lunalight)
Synchro Clear Gale Synchro Wyvern Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Winds (Windwitch)
Xyz Dark Lyric Xyz Wyvern Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon Birds (Lyrilusc)