• 65 cards
  • New support cards for Plant-types.
  • Many of the new Plant monsters and support cards focus on negating card effects.
  • Introduces "Lightning Deities", who activate their effects by powering down.
  • Cover card is "Primeval Forest Wyrm."
Nature's Vengeance
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
NV-EN001 Creeping Erosion Common Effect Monster
NV-EN002 Ancient Wood Rot Rare Continuous Trap
NV-EN003 Malicious Thorn Sprite Common Effect Monster
NV-EN004 Daughter Nature Common Effect Monster
NV-EN005 Uproot Common Normal Spell
NV-EN006 Slash and Burn Common Normal Spell
NV-EN007 Rogue Spore Rare Equip Spell
NV-EN008 Raja-Bird of the Thousand Colors Common Effect Monster
NV-EN009 Ancient Black Forest Ultra Rare Field Spell
NV-EN010 Flowers of Nepenthe Rare Equip Spell
NV-EN011 Vine Beast Common Effect Monster
NV-EN012 Rot Orchid Common Effect Monster
NV-EN013 Woodboring Fiend Common Effect Monster
NV-EN014 Shapeshifting Wendigo Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN015 Berserk Wendigo Common Effect Monster
NV-EN016 Momentary Spaceflux Super Rare Normal Trap
NV-EN017 Return to the Earth Common Normal Trap
NV-EN018 Spell Spring Rare Continuous Trap
NV-EN019 Soulbending Shaman Common Effect Monster
NV-EN020 Black Forest Guardian Super Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN021 Instillment of the Rainbow Common Normal Spell
NV-EN022 What Goes Around Rare Continuous Trap
NV-EN023 Forced Redirect Common Normal Trap
NV-EN024 Viral Weed Common Effect Monster
NV-EN025 Secret Grotto of Rejuvenation Common Normal Spell
NV-EN026 White Fawn of Beginnings Common Effect Monster
NV-EN027 Disturbance in the Trees Common Normal Trap
NV-EN028 Goddess of the Glade Common Effect Monster
NV-EN029 Forestation Common Normal Spell
NV-EN030 Concealed Chameleon Common Effect Monster
NV-EN031 Overgrowth Common Equip Spell
NV-EN032 Primeval Forest Wyrm Secret Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN033 Steadfast Dragon Common Effect Monster
NV-EN034 Shock Hopper Common Effect Monster
NV-EN035 Spell Stall Rare Counter Trap
NV-EN036 Mimic Flower Common Effect Monster
NV-EN037 Lightning Deity - Gongsang Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN038 Lightning Deity - Exolotl Common Effect Monster
NV-EN039 Lightning Deity - Susai Common Effect Monster
NV-EN040 Lightning Deity - Tenjinn Ultra Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN041 Thunderous Hound Common Union Monster
NV-EN042 Lightning Deity - Ohma-Juu Common Effect Monster
NV-EN043 Ominous Thundercloud Ultra Rare Continuous Spell
NV-EN044 Lightning Deity - Yojinbo Common Effect Monster
NV-EN045 Lightning Crush Common Quickplay Spell
NV-EN046 Lightning Deity - Maja Common Effect Monster
NV-EN047 Lightning Deity - Lord Kaezal Super Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN048 Spirit of the Ruins Common Effect Monster
NV-EN049 Damavand - Realm of the Lightning Gods Super Rare Field Spell
NV-EN050 Effect Jammer Rare Counter Trap
NV-EN051 Nature's Blessing Secret Rare Normal Spell
NV-EN052 Elemental Dreadwyrm Ultra Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN053 Sequoia Throne Rare Continuous Trap
NV-EN054 Brilliant Down Common Equip Spell
NV-EN055 Amphibious Serpent Common Effect Monster
NV-EN056 Otherworldly Wind Common Normal Trap
NV-EN057 Twin Swordsmen Common Normal Trap
NV-EN058 Firestorm Raven Common Normal Trap
NV-EN059 Symbiotic Parasite Super Rare Effect Monster
NV-EN060 Mug! Common Normal Trap
NV-EN061 Dreaded Amphisbaena Common Effect Monster
NV-EN062 Stranglehold Vines Common Normal Trap
NV-EN063 Flightful Peregrine Common Effect Monster
NV-EN064 Saturn Flytrap Common Effect Monster
NV-EN065 Target Practice Rare Quick-play Spell
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