The Nega HEROs are a series of DARK-Attribute HEROs monsters used by Yuji Takeshi's alternate counterpart when Yuji felt it is not worth being a HERO. Like how the relation between Evil HEROs and the Elemental HEROs, the Nega HEROs are the corrupted versions of the Arctic HEROs as well as some of the other HEROs(Though Yuko does not use them in the fanfic). The Nega HEROs are different from other HEROs Archetype in that they used Dark Synchro Summons instead of a regular Synchro Summon like how their original counterparts were. The Nega HERO's named derived from the word Negative as well as getting an inspiration from Kamen Rider Nega Den-O. Unlike other Dark Synchro Monsters in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, the Dark Tuners of the Nega HEROs does not contain a "Dark Tuner" in their name and their Dark Synchro does not need a specific Dark Tuner to perform a Dark Synchro Summon. The Nega HEROs are also stronger in their effects and stats than their counterparts. However not all of the Nega HEROs are counterparts of the Arctic HEROs.


Like the Arctic HEROs, the Nega HEROs also focuses on field control but having much stronger effects and upgrade in their stats. The most common strategy is to use Nega HERO - Shattered Synchron to change its Level to 5 or above making it easier for a Dark Synchro Summon. Instead of having cards to search for the Nega HEROs in your deck when the monster is summoned, instead their search effects revolves around sending them to the Graveyard and then later revive them with their own effects.(Only some are capable of).


Like what other problems the Dark Synchro Monsters have, the Nega HEROs also suffers from the same problem such as harder to summon(Thus they are generally stronger than their counterparts). The Nega HEROs also have very little search cards so adding cards like Elemental HERO Stratos can help to counter this problem.

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