A counterpart and support archetype to the "Numbers" archetype, "Negative Numbers" where originally part of the one million artificial "Barian Number" cards created by Don Thousand and scattered around the Human World at the start of the "Barian Emperor Onslaught". However, these cards were picked up by people who, due to either a strong will or protection or by special powers (such as a "Duel Spirit" partner), resisted falling under "Barian" control. As a result, the cards absorbed some of their energy and became benign, and upon "Don Thousand's" defeat, did not vanish but were instead transported to another world and evolved into their present form. Currently, they are unsure what to do with their newfound existence and are waiting for strong duelists worthy of receiving their power to challenge them, hoping to give themselves purpose by doing so.

Play Style

"Negative Number" monsters are counterparts to the "Number" cards, and share the same types and archetypes with their "positive" counterparts. However, their attributes and effects tend to be the opposite of their associated "Number" cards (I.E.: a LIGHT "Number" that recovers LP has a DARK "Negative Number" that inflicts Effect Damage). All "Negative Numbers" also share two other effects:

  • The first allows them to be Xyz Summoned by using an Xyz Monster that has no Xyz Material and is 1 Rank lower as the Xyz Material.
  • The second allows you to Xyz Summon a "Number" by using the appropriate "Negative Number" in your Graveyard as the Xyz Material. This effect can only be used once per duel.

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