Nemesis - Army Surfer
Nemesis - Army Surfer
Attribute Wind Wind
Type(s) [ Warrior/Fusion/Effect ]
Level 6 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 2500 / 2000
"Nemesis- The Talon" + "Nemesis - Floodqueen"

This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. While this card is in face-up Attack Position, this card cannot be destroyed by battle. If it is attacked while in face up attack position, this card's ATK is halved during damage calculation.

Description Kind of like the silver surfer, only black, not silver, andwith Nemesis-The Talon's claw and female, though difficult to tell, like Rampart Blaster
Sets DPN1-012 Duelist Pack -1: The Nemesis Dawn
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