Neo Battle Aura
Creator Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master
Card type Trap Card Trap
Property Normal Normal
This card can only be activated when your opponent declares a attack on one of your "Neo" monsters. Negate the attack and send the attacking monster to its owner's graveyard.
Sets AOTAD-EN044 - Common

Neo Cards

Neo Monsters
Neo Phoenix - Neo Tiger - Neo Dragon - Neo Turtle
Neo Phoenix Knight - Neo Tiger Knight - Neo Time Wizard-Neo Dragon Knight - Neo Turtle Knight

Fusion Neo Monsters
Red-Eyes Neo Dragon - Neo Maiden of the Aqua - Gazelle the Neo King of Mythical Beasts
Neo Dark Magician - Neo Fisherman - Neo Susanoo

Other Neo Monsters
Red-Eyes Neo Metal Dragon

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Neo Elimination Chamber - Neo Polymerization - The Elemental Breakdown

Trap Cards
Neo Bazooka - Neo Battle Aura

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