• Cover Card is Neon Hero Shining Crasher
  • The new Archetypes are:
    • Neon Heroes are like upgraded Elemental Heroes and don't always depend on Fusion Summoning
    • Skull Nights are like upgraded Destiny Heroes which can, but don't have to fuse.
  • Includes supporter cards for Neon Heroes, Elemental Heroes, Destiny Heroes, Evil Heroes, and Skull Knights.
Neon Lights On
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
NNLO-EN000 Neon Hero Shining Crasher Secret Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN001 Neon Hero Cyclone Slasher Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN002 Neon Hero Ember Burst Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN003 Neon Hero Stone Keeper Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN004 Neon Hero Thunder Zap Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN005 Neon Lights Common Normal Trap
NNLO-EN006 Neon City Rare Field Spell
NNLO-EN007 Neon Hero Blazing Crasher Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN008 Neon Hero Frostbite Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN009 Skull Knight - Reaper Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN010 Skull Knight - Gravity Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN011 Hero's Rage Rare Equip Spell
NNLO-EN012 Neon Hero Night Shade Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN013 Skull Caverns Rare Field Spell
NNLO-EN014 Hidden in the Shadows Super Rare Normal Trap
NNLO-EN015 Stop Sign Common Normal Trap
NNLO-EN016 Skull Knight - Sorcerer Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN017 Man Hole Rare Normal Trap
NNLO-EN018 Neon Hero Rocket Flare Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN019 Neon Hero Flaring Lights Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN020 Neon Hero Steam Shooter Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN021 Neon Hero Flash Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN022 Neon Hero Twilight Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN023 Skull Knight - Electrocution Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN024 Skull Knight - Frost Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN025 Skull Knight - Elemental Secret Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN026 Neon Laser Common Equip Spell
NNLO-EN027 Neon Hero Blizzard Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN028 Skull Knight - Fissure Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN029 Neon Thunder Rare Quick-Play Spell
NNLO-EN030 Skull Knight - Vortex Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN031 One Way Common Equip Spell
NNLO-EN032 Neon Hero Volcano Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN033 Neon Hero Tsunami Secret Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN034 Neon Hero Synchron Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN035 Skull Knight - Synchron Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN036 Neon Hero Tuner Common Effect Monster
NNLO-EN037 Neon Hero Hydro Storm Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
NNLO-EN038 Cyclone Lance Rare Equip Spell
NNLO-EN039 Ember Axe Rare Equip Spell
NNLO-EN040 Frost Shotgun Rare Equip Spell
NNLO-EN041 Stone Hammer Rare Equip Spell
NNLO-EN042 Thunder Taser Rare Effect Monster
NNLO-EN043 Flash Chain Rare Equip Spell
NNLO-EN044 Night Claw Rare Equip Spell
NNLO-EN045 Tuner Mask Super Rare Equip Spell
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